Andalucia town guide

Andalucia is unique! With the unrivalled natural beauty of the area, the friendliness of the local people, the facilities, amenities, the transportation infrastructure andso many hundreds of white washed villages, it’s difficult to know which might be the right one for you.

Here in Andalucia you will spend considerably more time outdoors, so it’s essential that your environment and surroundings are comfortable.

The areas around the Montes of Malaga, Granada, Sierras of Cordoba, Subbetica and Cadiz offer wonderful mountains and incredible views. The corridor from Antequera to Sevilla is a vast plain and most of the villages in the area are flat making village life very comfortable with easy access to everything!

The small villages in the Antequera, Estepa and Marchena area have all the amenities you’ll need but you may need to ask around in the beginning as most shops are run from the ground floor of the proprietor’s house and seldom have a sign! A larger town is always nearby for high street shopping and other services.