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There are a great number of wonderful features that characterise Spain and more specifically, Andalucia is one of the best places in the world to live. The people and families from aboard that settle down in Spain feel both accepted and welcomed. Studies endorse the country as a leader in areas such as physical health, quality of life and an active social life.

Inland COVID-19 cases in Andalucia are extraordinary low against the coastal/city areas. The communities are far smaller and attentive about caring for each other. As we find the ‘New normality’, living inland will be far easier to adjust to. We trust that the future still includes our traditional festivals, our summer barbecues and community events.

These elements, combined with its geographical location, climate, cultural heritage, safety and solid education, make living in Spain and Andalucia a truly safe bet.

“Brexit : UK nationals moving to Spain from 1 January 2021.”

If you move to Spain from 1 January 2021 onwards, different immigration requirements will apply. This page will be updated when further information is available.

LuvInland gives you the top 11 facts why considering moving to Andalucia:

A favourable combination of the Mediterranean Sea and constant sunlight results in a comfortable climate in the coastal areas. Andalucia is known to have some of the best weather not only in Europe but worldwide. November, December, January and February can still see daytime temperatures in the 20s. Southern Spain enjoys an average of more than 320 sunny days each year, making it the sunniest place in Europe, a report by the national Meteorological Agency confirmed.

Living with a view of blue skies will have a great affect on your mood and undoubtedly have a positive impact on your life.

There’s a saying in Spanish that translates as: “in many countries, people live to work, but in Spain, we work to live.” Life is not all about work, and Spaniards know that.

So, after work, going out for a drink with friends and relaxing is the norm. Andalucia’s climate, rich culture and sights make it an incredibly famous destination. Speaking about work, Andalucia is a world-famous destination for tourists seeking sun, good food and culture. But there’s room for more than sunburned tourists wearing flipflops and socks. With the rise in working from home due to COVID-19, Andalucia is preparing to be a paradise for teleworkers.

If it sounds like the perfect telework destination for you or if you are looking ahead to retirement and wondering where you might like to live when the time comes, you should consider putting Andalucia at the top of your list. The best climate, outdoor life, healthy Mediterranean diet and generally relaxed atmosphere of the region can be counted among the many reasons why Andalucia enjoys the highest life expectancy in Europe.

If you are already falling in love with Andalucia, and you think Andalucia is definitely a dream place to be, then you will probably want to look at what the properties are like in Andalucia.

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In Andalucia there is a high quality and varied cuisine, it is a land of magnificent crops and excellent local products and has several designations of origin (DO). That ensures that the best of their food comes to our table. The quality is excellent, while the price is much lower compared to that in the UK, the USA, or Nordic countries. Eating in Andalucia is a truly social event and the best way to get together with family and friends.

Examples of typical Andalucian treasures are ‘polvorones’ and ‘mantecados’ (typical Christmas sweets from Andalucia), Cane honey, Malaga wine or the tropical fruit of the Axarquia region.

It’s also the paradise for olive oil lovers. We forgive you for thinking Greece or Italy produced most of the world’s olive oil, but in fact it’s Spain that leads the way. Some 1.5 million tonnes of olive oil are produced, the vast majority of which comes from the southern region Andalucia. There are more than 66.000.000 olives trees in Jaen Province alone!

Andalucia is a region full of festivals and there is no better way to get to know the Andalucians than through their many and fascinating traditional festivals.

The local inland fiestas are the moment when every town and village puts a splendid show, not only for themselves but also for those who come from afar to admire and enjoy. Over 3,000 fiestas are celebrated every year in Andalucia, including fairs, religious processions, pilgrimages and carnivals. Each town and village have at least one patron saint and have processions in their name. In fact, there’s never a dull moment in inland Andalucia.

According to stats, Andalucia has the second-highest life expectancy of all the OECD countries at an impressive 83 years. Only the Japanese have a higher life expectancy. The state health care system in Spain is excellent and some of the best doctors and specialists can be found in this country.

Health Insurance, if you do not qualify for state health care, is cheap when compared to northern Europe and many countries further afield. The Spanish National Health System (SNS) is highly developed and modern. You will have access to it if you are an EU national living in Spain or a legal resident paying for social security.

There are several levels of education in Spain, starting from kindergarten to university studies. It is compulsory for all children to attend a primary and secondary school in Spain.

Public schools are free of charge and they provide educational services exclusively in Spanish. Once you become a resident of Spain, you can go to a local kindergarten or school and register your child.

As of July 2019, Spain is home to a whopping 47 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the third-highest in the world. These include historic cities, monumental churches, and more. Only Italy and China have more UNESCO World Heritage Sites – both have 55.

The glorious Andalucian culture, including its cuisine, is what they are so proud of. No matter where you are based in Andalucia, you will be in for a gastronomic treat, from paella made with fresh seafood to the best tapas in the world.

Andalucia has a great geographical location and is strategically well located for workers or second-home owners. If for any reason you need to travel in Spain, the high-speed train network or flight connections will get you across the country in no time.

With direct flights to almost anywhere in the world from Andalucia’s 5 international airports you’ll be where you need to be in no time. From Malaga, Seville, Granada, Almeria and Jerez there are direct flights to virtually everywhere in Europe and also in other part of the world from Malaga airport (3rd biggest airport in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona).

Spain is home to the 4th fastest train in the world. The AVE, whose highest speed reaches 310 km/h, runs from Cordoba to Madrid (400km) in just 1h45minutes.

Figures clearly demonstrate that Spain is a safe environment to live in. According to the Elcano Royal Institute (2017) study, Spain is the sixth safest country in the world, following close behind Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Switzerland and Sweden. In addition, it’s the fourth country in the European Union where the fewest crimes are committed.

Growing up in Andalucia also has many advantages, in a smaller town or in a residential area. Children are able to run around the neighbourhood freely and safely. There are many parks and play areas for youngsters where they can work off any excess energy as well as make new friends with local kids.

Additionally, in almost every inland Andalucian town there are programs and initiatives for outside activities, since it is healthier for them to spend time playing outside and connecting with their peers. Great examples of this are groups that walk kids to school, which ensures they exercise and also teaches them consideration for the environment.

If you find yourself ready for a change of environment but still do not know where to buy or rent a home, there are many alternatives you should take into consideration before choosing your future area or Andalucian village.

Spain is one of Europe’s cheapest countries. Even with the high number of tourists Andalucia receives, prices are nowhere near the levels of France or the UK. According to the cost of a living calculator, the most affordable are Malaga and Sevilla, placing Andalucia at the top of the most affordable regions in Spain.

If you move away from the main cities and move more to inland Andalucia, costs will go down quite significantly, while your quality of life goes up exponentially.

A glass of wine at a restaurant costs less than an individual bottle of water. You can easily find a cana glass of beer and a tapa for € 1,00. Seriously, who can beat that?

According to Spanish Health Ministery, Covid Mortality in Andalucia is one of the very lowest in Spain, 4 times less than Madrid Region and half of the average in Spain. Inland cases are much lower than the costal and cities areas in Andalucia, and there are still many villages inland who are proud not to have any Covid cases yet.

As we find the new Normality all across Europeen countries, living Inland in Andalucia is far easier to adjust to, and one of the best ways to stay safe whilst still enjoying a very good quality of life.

Also good to know...

Hablar Espanol

Spanish is the world’s second most widely-spoken language. There are an estimated 440 million native Spanish speakers around the world, second only to Mandarin.

Andalucian people most charming in the world

After talking for a minute with any local, you feel perfectly at home with them and it is as if you known them all your life. The charm they have caresses one and makes one feel good.

We have chocolate thanks to the Spanish

A fun fact about Spain is that thanks to the colonies that the Spaniards established in the American continent and their relations with North Africa, today we can all enjoy oranges, avocados, cacao, potatoes or sugar. The Europeans did not know any of these things until the fifteenth century.

Snow ski and water ski in the same day

The luxury of Andalucia is that you can literally snow ski and water ski on the same day. When the Sierra Nevada ski station in Granada is open in the winter months, an early morning slalom can be followed by an one-hour drive to the coast and an afternoon glide round the bay. This is without doubt the recipe for the perfect lifestyle.