About us

LuvInland is a community of people who are passionate about Inland Andalucian culture and lifestyle. We are individuals and families from Spain and other countries in the world who would like to share with you the reasons why they decided to stay and live in the heart of Andalucia. 

Welcome to the real and authentic Andalucian culture with many beautiful villages and towns set in stunning natural surroundings.

Do you know that feeling when you can’t put it into words, and you definitely can’t explain it to others… Our Luv of the inland of Andalucia is inexplicable, as most of the very best things in life are.

For there’s Andalusia, its coasts and gorgeous touristy cities and there’s inland Andalucia: a land of gypsies and farmers, flamenco and the Andalucian paella, cultural highlights and a stunning history, under a beautiful Moorish moon.

Whether you already know Andalucia or not, it’s full of treasures that you can see, hear, feel and sometimes, even smell. Everybody can discover and see the big highlights such as, The Alhambra of Granada, La Mezquita-Catedral of Cordoba, miles of Mediterranean and Atlantic sand beaches, flamenco, sherry, the white towns – and that doesn’t even count the considerable riches of Seville.

But if you think about Andalucia, there is so much more… the scent of orange blossoms hanging in the air in Spring, the staccato of a dancer’s shoes, a perfect gazpacho, the smell of roasted chestnuts in Autumn,… all sensuous impressions that creates this Andalucian feeling. That special feeling in details that creates the special community of LuvInland and together we can share this to everybody.

Do you have nice stories to tell about the charms and beauty about the inland of Andalucia? Contact us from LuvInland and let’s connect, so we can share your luv and passion for Andalucia.