Good to know

Andalucian Christmas traditions

Andalucia is without doubt Europe’s most beautiful destinations to visit at Christmas time. Although this year not every family will be able to celebrate all together, Andalucia still is a unique place because of its […]

Just drive and discover Andalucia

Do you really want to discover Andalucia? Not only what the tourist guide says about it but its feel? Then do what many, many a foreigner living here also still does whenever he or she can: […]

Andalucian Lifestyle

The Andalucian lifestyle, it’s everywhere. It are the geographical situation and the history that has given Andalucia it’s so distinct culture.  Andalucia and culture, it’s a love affair! Around the edges, all along the 800 […]

Olive oil, the liquid gold

Olive oil should be consumed as fresh as possible. That means you better look for it right now.  For ‘the rains’ have gone and thus immediately afterwards the time of picking…  and now we are […]

Autumn in Andalucia

Somewhere in September the weather changes, from hot to simply pleasant. That’s the start of what many in Andalucia call their favourite season.  Autumn in Andalucia, it’s the time of City Trips and the busiest time of the year […]

Inland Andalucia, The inexplicable beauty.

Duende, as most of the very best things in life, is inexplicable.  You can’t catch it in words, and you definitely can’t explain it to others. You feel it.  If you prefer to hear and […]

The Osborne Bull

If you take a road trip around the 505,990 square kilometres of Spain, it is common to see the image of a huge black bull standing at the top of a hill or near a […]

Flamenco explained

Flamenco in Andalucia, if you’re ever so lucky to be present at a gathering where Flamenco plays a role, treat it with utmost respect. For Flamenco is not just some type of folk music. The […]

Sangria: a home-made and refreshing drink

Considered as a family drink and used to accompany food such as lunch or dinner, sangria has a large number of followers in Spain, the rest of Europe and Latin America. It’s a drink that […]