Fuente Tojar – Cordoba

Fuente Tojar in Cordoba province is a small village belonging to the Sierras Subbeticas region. Located in the south east of the province, on the border with the province of Jaen. Its undulating terrain is covered by a vast sea of olive groves. The village consists of a labyrinth of winding, irregular, secluded streets, lined with typical houses standing in a valley between hills, a mass of white amidst the green of the olive trees.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Fuente Tojar
Castil de Campos, 4, 14815 Fuente Tojar (Cordoba)
Telephone: 957-556-028
Email: administraciongeneral@fuente-tojar.es

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 40 min
Golf nearby Granada 95Km Cordoba 85Km Antequera 102Km Malaga 141Km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

Since ancient times there has been a human presence in this locality. The most important archaeological site is the remains of an Iberian-Roman city. This Iberian-Roman town Fuente Tojar in Cordoba received apparently the name of Iliturgicolis or Sucaelo.

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Economy was based on agriculture, livestock, metallurgical mining activities and commercial exchanges.

Fuente Tojar is cited by al-Idrisis as a small village which was the seventh station on the route form Cordoba to Almeria passing through Granada. After the Conquest by Christians, the town was given to the military order of Calatrava and it was joined to the town of Priego. Fuente Tojar in Cordoba province was conquered again by Muslims but finally joined the Corona de Castilla in 1341 by Alfonso XI. In 1844, the Queen Isabel II gave permission for the town to be segregated from Priego.


  • Real Feria de Ntro. Patron San Isidro Labrador – This fair takes place around 15th of May and during four days there are cultural, musical and religious events. We can find one of the most unique and ancient traditions on the province of Cordoba, “los danzantes de San Isidro” (San Isidro Dancers). This means people in groups of eight and dressed in printed skirts and colorful paper hats dance on several occasions in front of San Isidro during the procession.
  • Fiesta de la Alcaparra -‘Caper Festival’. This festival is celebrated on the second weekend of August. The first festival was celebrated in late 90’s and it was an idea of some friends. They wanted to do a kind of tribute to all emigrants who had to leave the town looking for work. Firstly it was just a meeting of friends but now, with the Gastronomic-Cultural Association “Amigos de la Alcaparra” it is also a day to promote the caper.

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