Bracana – Cordoba

Bracana in Cordoba is a village that belongs to the town of Almedinilla. It is a place surrounded by olive groves, where you can breathe nature.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Bracana
Plaza Constitucion 1, 14812 Almedinilla (Cordoba)
Telephone: 957-703-085

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 42min
Golf nearby Malaga 144km Granada 67km Seville 201km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

Bracana in Cordoba as part of Almedinilla is located in the south of the province. The town Bracana in Cordoba is a lively and dynamic town in which the white of its houses, mixed with the rock of its mountains, is confused with the green of its olive grove, inviting you to a walk in time.

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To speak of Bracana in Cordoba or Almedinilla is to speak of archeology, culture, heritage, just as its important archaeological sites do: the Roman Villa “El Ruedo” (Declared B.I.C), one of the most important areas of the Peninsula; the Iberian Village “Cerro de la Cruz” also declared BIC, one of the few from the Low Iberian Era excavated in Andalusia and its Historical-Archaeological Museum that contains the extraordinary pieces that these sites are contributing, highlighting the Iberian ceramics and the sculptural group of our Roman villa, reigning over all of them the Greco-Roman god of sleep: Hypnos or Somnus, whose state makes it the most important of the few preserved in the world.

This important heritage of Almedinilla has allowed the development of a unique, varied and quality tourist, recreational-cultural offer. More than known are the Roman Foods, (Award for the “Best Innovative Tourist Product” of the province of Cordoba), called THE PLEASURES OF THE ROMAN TABLE, which are celebrated on weekends accompanied by rites, characteristics, traditions and flavors of the epoch.

These unique gastronomic events are made with Marco Gavius ​​Apicius’s 1st century cookbook, enjoying during the course of them with a unique theatrical recreation, thanks to the Somnus Corporal Theater Group. Don’t miss out on a unique activity that will take you to another era and will make you experience a world of sensations.


  • 12th of May – The town Bracana in Cordoba has a festival in his honor, in which images are processed through the village. At the end, the sisterhood offers a convivial meal, performances and a popular festival.
  • Carnaval – Without a doubt is the most famous festival in the village and also in the town, which is attended by hundreds of people every year.

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