Santaella – Cordoba

The town Santaella in Cordoba in the south east of the province, in the La Campina region. Situated in an undulating landscape consisting primarily of fields devoted to the cultivation of cereals and other herbaceous crops.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Santaella
Plaza Mayor 6, 14546 Santaella (Cordoba)
Telephone: 957-313-003

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 27 min
Golf nearby Malaga 142km Granada 157km Seville 106km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

Its name Santaella is derived from the Mozarabic Senticella, diminutive of sentix, meaning “hawthorn”, or “hawthorn bush”, a reference to the abundant flora of this type found near the site on which the village was founded. Neolithic remains have been found in the AREA, as well as Bronze Age, Iberian and Roman relics.

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Santaella in Corobda is a Cordovan municipality located 43 km from the capital, between the cities of Écija and Puente Genil. Located within the middle valley of the Guadalquivir. Its more than 29,000 hectares of land have made this town an important factor in the agricultural development of the province. Architecturally, the Arab walls, the keep, and the Church of the Assumption of the seventeenth century stand out.

In addition, it is essential to visit the Municipal Museum in Santaella in Cordoba. The widest section is Archeology, which contains an interesting sample of the vestiges of man’s past in these lands. The castle of Santaella in the town is of Arab origin. Of the original building only the keep remains, with a square plan. This part has been restored, in which a square window stands out on its main facade.

La Leona de Santaella is a sculpture in the shape of a lioness made by Norma Santaella, a Brazilian sculptor with Andalusian parents. The bronze figure was given to Santaella by the sculptor. It was a way of thanking the inhabitants for all the love they showed her during her stay in the town. It can be seen on Calle Villargallegos.

The village of Santaella in Cordoba is transformed during the month of August, when the Plaza Mayor and Paseo Adarve are transformed into scenes from the Middle Ages and play host to a medieval-style feast.


  • 15th of May – Romeria de San Isidro
  • Last weekend of May – Feria de Fontanar
  • First weekend of July – Feria en Honor a los Colonos
  • 25 and 26th of July – Fiestas de Santiago

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