Villanueva de Tapia – Malaga

Villanueva de Tapia in Malaga is a town located in the comarca of Antequera. The municipality is situated approximately 67 kilometres from Malaga. The natives are called Tapienses or Entricheros.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Villanueva de Tapia
Avenida la Constitucion 50, 29315 Villanueva de Tapia (Malaga)
Telephone: 952-757-007

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 10 min
Golf nearby Malaga 66km Granada 77km Seville 188km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

The municipality of Villanueva de Tapia in Malaga is located in the northeastern region of the province (Nororma). Bordering the provinces of Granada and Cordoba. Limiting to the north with the towns of Iznajar, to the south with Archidona (Malaga), to the east with Loja (Granada).

The municipality is located next to the A-333 road, between Archidona and Alcaudete. This is the route that connects the town with the closest towns such as Iznajar, Salinas and Archidona. The landscape is fairly gentle with some hills breaking it up here and there, especially in the southern side of the municipality.

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Here the Pedroso Mountain rises to a height of 1,205 metres. Undulating olive groves and fields of cereal crops dominate the countryside to the north of this area.

Villanueva de Tapia in Malaga is typical of the white villages in the rest of the Antequera region. Walking through the little streets, you can still see vestiges of the 18th century architecture in the facades of some of the buildings. The surrounding countryside contrasts between the soft rolling olive groves and cereal crops and the backdrop of hills. Close to the urban centre are the Artilleria and Gordo hills and the Cerezo and Aulaguilla streams.

The parish church sticks out amongst the tiled roofs of the Villanueva de Tapia houses, with its factory brick finish and tall thin tower topped with coloured tiles. You can see the remains of Arabic and Roman buildings, which although they only amount to some scattered ruins; they still leave a very interesting historical legacy to the area.


    • Easter week – Processional parades: Holy Thursday (at night), Good Friday (noon and the Holy Burial at night), Palm Sunday (in the morning).
    • 25th of April – San Marcos which is the local feria
    • 15th of May – San Isidro
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  • 13th of June – San Antonio Fair
  • End of July – International Festival of Song of Poets
  • First week of August – Cultural week of Villanueva de Tapia in Malaga
  • 10-12th of October – Real feria

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