Casarabonela – Malaga

Casarabonela in the Malaga province, is a beautiful white town with Andalusian character. It can be considered as the gateway to the Sierra de las Nieves, which is a Unesco world heritage site. You Will fall in love with its classic streets to get to know its monuments, culture and gastronomy.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Casarabonela
Plaza de Buenavista 1, 29566 Casarabonela (Malaga)
Telephone: 952-456-561

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
Golf nearby Malaga 45km Granada 164km Seville 177km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport



Main information

The municipality of Casarabonela in Malaga dates back to Arab times, also known as Qasr Bunayra. Although archaeological remains from the Neolithic have been found in the municipal district, the first permanent settlement and its first name, “Castra Vinaria ” (meaning ‘castle of wine’) date from Roman times.

Prehistoric sites have been found, as well as Iberian and Roman ceramics. The village of Casarabonela its surroundings create a picturesque scene made up of orchards, olive groves and cereal fields, with a mountain vegetation backdrop.

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Though of Roman origin, the Arabs were responsible for the character and layout of its houses and streets.With the arrival of the Arabs, it reached its maximum splendor due to the great strategic importance of the land, as well as the good location of the castle.

They marked history with their participation in the revolt against the Umayyad State of Cordoba in the 10th century. In the Nasrid era they continue to resist and fight the Christian advance, until the arrival of the Catholic Monarchs in 1485, when it is finally conquered.  

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    • Easter week – La pasion.  Every year since 1984 the representation of La Pasion has been held at Easter. It takes place in an incomparable setting, such as the Church of Santiago, which dates from the 16th century.
    • 12 of December – Los Rondeles. It is the most emblematic festival of Casarabonela. This celebration has more than three centuries of history behind it. It began as the millers’ way of thanking Divina Pastora for the olive harvest. Today the Virgen de los Rondeles is accompanied from her departure from the hermitage to the Plaza de la Iglesia, illuminating the entire path with the rondeles engulfed in flames.
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    • July/August – Fair de Santiago Apostol – For several days the town adorns its streets with color, music and joy for the fair in honor of Santiago Apostol, the patron saint of Casarabonela. During these days a great program of activities, popular performances and traditional events takes place.

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