Alfarnatejo – Malaga

Alfarnatejo in the Malaga province is one of the seven towns that form the so called Ruta del Aceite y Los Montes, and is also popularly known as “the Southern Pyrenees”. This is because the peaks in its surrounding areas, such as the Dona Ana, the Alto de Fraile and the Tajo de Gomer, are some of the most breathtaking of the province.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Alfarnatejo
Calle Posito 2, 29194 Alfarnatejo (Malaga)
Telephone: 952-756-286

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
Golf nearby Malaga 49km Granada 83km Seville 199km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport



Main information

The village is very small and Calle Real is the main street that runs through and which widens at one point to from a ‘square’ with a town hall shop and a cafe bar.  On Calle Padre Armaiz is restaurant Pirineos with a splended viewing terrace, actually better than  he Mirador de Tajo Caballo. The MA-4102 by-passes the village on the lower side.

As in other northern areas of the Axarquia region, a wealth of prehistoric remains bear witness to man’s presence here since time immemorial,  

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such as human footprints in the valley of the River Sabar and in Pena Hora caves dating back to the mid Palaeolithic period. As their names suggest, Alfarnate and Alfarnatejo share common origins, as both were once known as Los Alfarnates, a denomination of Arabic origin meaning “flour mill”. Alfarnatejo was dependent on Alfarnate until the 18th century, when it was granted independent village status.   


  • Mid May – Romeria de San Isidro
  • Early August – Gazpacho Fiesta
  • Early August – Flamenco Festival
  • Late September – Feria of Alfarnatejo

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