Buying in Andalucia

Alcaudete, the historic gem in Jaen.

Alcaudete is one of the many interesting towns in the province of Jaen. It is one of those towns that you can see from miles away, the castle and church perched on a hill are […]

It’s official: Spain is the healthiest country in the world.

A Mediterranean lifestyle emphasizes sociable mealtimes, a well-balanced diet, and walking as a mode of transportation, which helps to reduce pollution-related deaths. Taking time to communicate with family and friends lifts one’s mood, releases endorphins, […]

The charm of Cordoba

The inland towns of Cordoba in Andalucia offer a different type of charm than the bustling city itself. These towns, nestled in the stunning countryside are the perfect places to buy a second home or […]

La Axarquia, inland but still close to the coast.

Did you know Vinuela and Alcaucin are among the 25 most sought after towns in Spain by overseas buyers? Its location in the heart of the Axarquia and its proximity to the lake gives it […]