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Luque: Unveiling the Hidden Gem of Cordoba

Luque is the quintessential mountain town in the south of the Cordoba province and known as the gateway to the Sierra Subbetica Natural Park. Although it is a smaller town with around 3,000 inhabitants, you will find all kinds of establishments and services.  

The town spreads out from the normal maze of alleys and passages lined with whitewashed houses. It is a picturesque town, not overburdened with tourists, the economy still depends on olives and cereals and it stands out for its festive atmosphere.  

Situated between the countryside and the mountains, it is a strategic place where different cultures and settlers were defended. Maybe you have already heard about the Luque Hisn Lukk Castle? The Castle is perhaps the most representative monument of the town, being composed of a walled enclosure in very good condition, two large towers as well as caves.  

As you can see Luque in Cordoba is a town with lots of history and many points of interest that you can discover. Already in love with this hidden gem in Cordoba? We could tell you much more about Luque, but honestly, we think you should experience and enjoy the area with a personal visit to Luque.