Inland Lifestyle

It’s official: Spain is the healthiest country in the world.

A Mediterranean lifestyle emphasizes sociable mealtimes, a well-balanced diet, and walking as a mode of transportation, which helps to reduce pollution-related deaths. Taking time to communicate with family and friends lifts one’s mood, releases endorphins, and improves the population’s overall well-being.

People in Spain eat a Mediterranean diet rich in omega-3, fats, and protein, which has been linked to a lower risk of dementia, heart disease and cancer.

Andalucia has the perfect climate, there is plenty of greenery to provide clean air because it is not too hot or too dry. With lots of sunshine, which means you can get plenty of vitamin D to keep your muscles strong. 

For those living in the UK or Northern Europe who are looking for a healthier and more affordable lifestyle, you should look to Inland Andalucia. Health is one of the many aspects that define a country & ability to grow.

Are you ready to take better care of your health in 2023? Think about inland Andalucia and enjoy the Spanish lifestyle!