Moving tips

It’s official: Spain is the healthiest country in the world.

A Mediterranean lifestyle emphasizes sociable mealtimes, a well-balanced diet, and walking as a mode of transportation, which helps to reduce pollution-related deaths. Taking time to communicate with family and friends lifts one’s mood, releases endorphins, […]

Mollina or the pink flamingos?

Discover this week together with us the beautiful Mollina area in Malaga. Living in Mollina and Antequera places you in the heart of Andalucia. Not only do you get to live the real Spanish way […]

Why live inland of Andalucia?

Moving to Andalucia – 5 reasons to make Andalucia your home  Once you’ve made the life changing decision to move to Spain, the next big question is surely ‘where?!’ It’s a big country, with a […]