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Discover our TOP 5 Andalucian products with Designations of Origin.

Andalucia is known for the excellent local products and has several designations of origin (DO). Controls that ensure that the best of Andalucian food comes to our table. For example the tropical fruits of the Axarquia region, Jamon de Huelva, Granada honey,…

Producers who are eligible for the designation of origin undertake to maintain excellent quality while preserving traditional methods of growing or obtaining the product.

1. Raisons from Malaga

The denomination of origin covers raisins produced in the Axarquia region and the sub region of the western coast. Malaga raisins is a protected DO for the raisins produced in the province which conform to the requirements established by the Regulatory Council.

The drying of the grapes is done on raisin racks, which are surfaces where the grapes are extended for their raisining, oriented at noon with a minimum inclination of 8%, provided with an awning and support to prevent the rain and the dew. Once the bunches are dry they can be picked manually. All this tradition gives the product an exquisite quality.

2. Sherry vinegar from Jerez

Sherry Vinegar has its own Denomination of Origin and is produced in the triangle formed by Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlucar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa Maria. The secret of the unique character and extraordinary quality of the Sherry Vinegar lies in its distinguished origin. Sherry Vinegar receives its unique personality from the Sherry Wines of which it inherits unbeatable qualities and nuances. There are two types known of vinegar; Sherry Vinegar with an age of 6 months and the Reserve Sherry Vinegar with more than 2 years. Both have an intense aroma and flavor and acidity over 5%.

3. Ham from Huelva

Jamon de Huelva is the name recognized by the European Union, which designates, protects and serves to certify the origin and quality of the hams from Iberian pigs reared and fattened released in pastures and processed in natural cellars of the people of Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.

Also in the Granada province, the Alpujarra Region, is the DO of the Trevelez Ham. Quality attributable to its climate makes the Granada town a perfect place where the hams are cured naturally.

4. Asparagus from Huetor Tajar

The Denomination of Origin of the Huetor Tajar Asparagus ensures that the quality remains the same every year. This small municipality is located in the valley of Granada. This area presents an extreme continental Mediterranean climate which is ideal for the production of green asparagus. The asparagus from Huetor Tajar have a bittersweet taste and a deep aroma.

5.  Honey from Granada

The province of Granada is an important area of beekeeping production. It even has one of the only two honeys with Protected Designations of Origin of Spain. Thanks to the richness of the flora of the Natural Parks of Granada (Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Huetor, Sierra de Baza, Sierra de Castril and Sierras de Tejeda, Alhama and Almijara) it creates unique characteristics to the honey that they produce in this region.

The honey is 100% a natural food, no additive or preservative are added. It is used in many typical dishes of traditional Granada cuisine, such as honey eggplants and chicken with almonds and honey.