Arahal – Seville

Arahal is a typical Sevillana town located by motorway A92 just a 25 minute drive from Seville and very well communicated with Malaga and Granada both by car and quite recently also by train. The town is vibrant and full of Tapas bars as well as many fine dining establishments.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Arahal
Plaza de la Corredera 1, 41600 Arahal (Seville)
Telephone: 955 841 033


Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 45 min
Golf nearby Malaga 160km Granada 200km Seville 45km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

The town is welcoming, friendly and vibrant, with a whole host of services suitable to a 21st Century population of just over 19.000. Arahal in Seville is a flat village and is an easy walk to everything. All amenities are located in the main shopping district. There are schools at the primary and secondary levels.

The rail line that crosses the province of Seville passes next to El Arahal and there is a train station just outside the town. There is a large municipal pool with bar/restaurant and gardens.

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The Town Hall dates to the sixteenth century and later remodeled several times, adapting it to the style of that time. Located in Plaza de la Corredera.

If sightseeing is your cup of tea, Arahal in Seville is full to the brim with charming corners and stunning monuments. The town is still pretty much a virgin to the spoils of tourism, so the degree of authentic Spanish lifestyle is second to none. A perfect fit for someone looking to soak in the essence of Andalusian living.

The educational offer in town on both primary and secondary levels has experimented quite a boost over the last few years, making it a point of reference for many students all around the Campina area.

Most famous for the production of appetizer olives, actually 80% of the world’s olives for direct consumption are cultivated, hand-picked and manufactured here, it also offers an enormous gastronomical diversity in the form of tapas and some fine dining, boasting well over 140 bars and restaurants. Night life, especially at weekends is not to be missed.


Fiestas and special celebrations are also an integral part of the town’s life, where an unbelievable balance between hard work and leisure is just effortlessly achieved. Semana Santa in Spring and Feria del Verdeo in September are the absolute highlights, but many others such as San Antonio fair, Magdalena Celebration and the Flamenco Festival will keep you entertained all year round.

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