Travel tips

Explore the South of Spain

Summer season has arrived and free time to discover the amazing Andalucia. This epic road trip takes your through the rich history of Andalucia, visiting a selection of the most striking villages traversing an impressive […]

12th of October celebrated

The long and colorful history of Southern Spain has left an important footprint on Andalusian people’s lifestyles and customs as well as on towns architecture and urban planning. Since when is October 12 a National Holiday and […]

Andalucia is magical as autumn begins

Andalusia in autumn offers the best of both worlds: it is pleasant enough to relax in the sun, yet you can also explore the countryside and the white villages and the ancient cities and not […]

Top 5 Natural wonders of Andalucia

Andalucia is a real treasure of nature with many different types of landscapes which make the region unique in Spain. 1. EL TORCAL ANTEQUERA (MÁLAGA) One of the top natural wonders of Andalucia is El […]

Spring in Andalucia, the best season.

Spring is the best time of year for a visit to the south of Spain: it’s warm but not too hot and the region becomes covered in the most spectacular colours. There’s no doubt about […]

Semana Santa

Semana Santa in Andalusia is a week full of color, art, religious fervor, and great processions. It is an event that literally transforms the Andalucian towns and cities across this region. Malaga and Seville host […]

From snow to sand, in one day.

Waking up in the morning and preparing for a walk or slalom in the snow and in the afternoon a refreshing drink with your feet in the sand. Yes, this is all possible in Andalucia! […]

Just drive and discover Andalucia

Do you really want to discover Andalucia? Not only what the tourist guide says about it but its feel? Then do what many, many a foreigner living here also still does whenever he or she can: […]

Andalucian Lifestyle

The Andalucian lifestyle, it’s everywhere. It are the geographical situation and the history that has given Andalucia it’s so distinct culture.  Andalucia and culture, it’s a love affair! Around the edges, all along the 800 […]

Autumn in Andalucia

Somewhere in September the weather changes, from hot to simply pleasant. That’s the start of what many in Andalucia call their favourite season.  Autumn in Andalucia, it’s the time of City Trips and the busiest time of the year […]