Colomera – Granada

Colomera in Granada is located in a valley. The remains of the fortress crown the town with its steep streets balancing on the side of a hill. In the municipality you can enjoy hiking, fishing and canoeing. As you go down the Tiena y Olivares, you enter the land of the Rio Colomera

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Colomera
Av. Virgen de la Cabeza 9, 18564 Colomera (Granada)
Telephone: 958-387-011

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 13 min
Golf nearby Malaga 150km Granada 34km Seville 245km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

Colomera in Granada has several remains that point to the town’s Roman past. For example the Roman bridge and part of the old Roman road in the area known as Molino del Puente or Molino de Zacarias. A Roman necropolis was also found in Era del Chopo.

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Its toponym derives from the Latin word Columbaira, meaning “pigeon nest”. Traditionally Colomera in Granada has supplied the province with wheat and bread, cured sausages, vegetables and meat. Its history runs in a parallel with the major events taking place in the capital.

If there is a character who is especially found in the town of Colomera, is it Juan Alonso de Rivas. Don’t you know who Juan Alonso de Rivas was? Don’t worry, we will tell you. Juan Alonso is also known as “El Pastor de Colomera”. It has in the town a street, a tourist route and at least two monuments where it is represented.

The popular heritage transmitted from generation to generation relates that on the night of 11/12 of August  1227, a shepherd boy from Colomera found the image of a Virgin when he was looking for a cow near Andujar. The shepherd, or rather the cowboy, left for the city and entered the streets telling about the discovery and the miracle, presenting his already healthy arm and hand as a witness. The hermitage to house the Virgin, was built between 1287 and 1304. 


  • 15th of May – San Isidro:
  • 14th of September – Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz

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