Palenciana – Cordoba

The village of Palenciana in Cordoba is situated in the south of the province, near the border with the province of Malaga amidst fields of cereal crops and olives. Palenciana, which became independent from Benameji in 1834, displays all the typical characteristics of the Cordoba countryside”s agricultural villages, with its whitewashed buildings and relaxed way of life, and its only building of note is La Virgen del Carmen Church.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Palenciana
Calle de San Isidro 22, 14914 Palenciana (Cordoba)
Telephone: 957-535-012

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
52 min
Golf nearby Malaga 79km Granada 100km Seville 169km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

The distinct geographical setting of Palenciana in Cordoba, set almost precisely on the border between the provinces of Cordoba and Malaga. This means that the village is surrounded by a curious mixture of almond trees and the plains of the famous Llanos de Antequera.

Ceramics found on surrounding sites indicate human presence in the area as early as the Bronze Age.

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Roman remains have also been found in the vicinity of Cerro de los Toros, south of the road that connects Palenciana in Cordoba with El Tejar. Also in Cerro del Pozuelo where fragments of urns and gravestones have been found.

Fuente de los Cielagos, the water source of Cielagos is famous for its mineral-medicinal waters. It is said to contain carbonic acid and be good for curing herpes. The water is used for domestic purposes in local farmhouses (washing, swimming pool, etc.) and for watering gardens, orchards and vegetables. The source is located about 2 km southeast of the town.


  • 25 April – Dia de San Marcos
  • 15 May – Romeria de San Isidro
  • 14-17 August – Feria del Carmen

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