Posadas – Cordoba

Posadas in Cordoba province is located 30km from this city and in the Guadalquivir valley and the Sierra Morena. It’s a town where different archaeological elements have been found. Such as megalithic monuments, prehistoric ceramics and traces of the Roman era. You cannot skip the Islamic presence in this town with different buildings like Al-Janadiq.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Posadas
Plaza del Ayuntamiento 1, 14730 Posadas (Cordoba)
Telephone: 957-630-013

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 51 min
Golf nearby Malaga 189km Granada 199km Seville 93km Bus and train
Malaga airport
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Main information

Posadas in Cordoba is a municipality located to the west of the province, in a territory that is half sierra, half plain. The first is included in the Sierra de Hornachuelos Natural Park, the largest protected area in the province. It has great scenic value, populated by cork oaks, holm oaks and undergrowth; as well as riverside forests of willows, ash trees and alders. To this must be added its great wildlife and hunting value. The area of ​​the fertile plain, of great agricultural wealth, is bathed by the Guadalquivir river, the true protagonist of its landscape.

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The town of Posadas in Cordoba extends along the river bank with hardly any protruding from the landscape. Except for the towers of its churches, such as the one of the parish church of Santa Maria de las Flores, of original construction.

A unique site in the town is El Arquito, a heritage of military architecture. We can also find an old medieval door of the Posadas Castle. The town Hall, the Moreria neighborhood, the Honda Quarry, the Caridad Chapel and the Santa Cruz Chapel are other outstanding elements.

There are few references to prehistory in the Posadas area. A few years ago, superficial ceramic materials, found in Paterna and in the Cerro del Escribano were revealed. It demonstrate the existence of human settlements during the Full Chalcolithic, in lands very suitable and favorable for the exercise of agriculture and livestock that then it was practiced. This led to the continuity of human settlement until the end of Prehistory.

An archaeological activity documented the existence, in La Sierrezuela, of two funerary megalithic monuments. A type of gallery dolmen covered with a trapezoidal plant whose roof had disappeared.  

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  • 15th of May – Feria de Rivero de Posadas
  • 25th of July – Verbena de Santiago
  • 29th of August – Feria de Septiembre

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