El Fargue – Granada

El Fargue in Granada is located in the northeastern area of ​​the capital. It is, together with Bobadilla and Lancha del Genil, one of the three centers located outside the urban limits of the city. El Fargue, or Alqueria del Fargue to give it its offical name, is a barrio (neighbourhood) of Granada, belonging to the municipal district of el Albaicin.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de El Fargue
Plaza del Carmen, 18071 El Fargue (Granada)
Telephone: 958-539-697

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 11 min
Golf nearby Malaga 183km Granada 7km Seville 261km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

El Fargue in Granada has a road from the Hospital Real/Jardines del Triunfo and arriving here you get more the feeling of being in a village than a barrio. You leave the built-up area behind and come to this peaceful agglomeration of terraced houses with this extraordinarily breathtaking view up to the Sierra Nevada on the right.

But it is not a village. It has no village square, no village bars and no shops. This is because the centre of the barrio is occupied by a large closed-off area belonging to an armaments factory, by which El Fargue’s special character has been defined.

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El Fargue in Granada owes its existence originally to the Acequia de Aynadamar. A man-made canal which takes water from the spring at Fuente Grande, Alfacar and carries it to the Albaicin with a distance of 13km. Until the middle of the twentieth century it still provided drinking water for the Albaicin, but today its water is only used for non-potable purposes

As a consequence of the passage of this canal through the neighborhood, in 1908 King Alfonso XIII inaugurated. The first National Factory of Gunpowder and Explosives, 2 in the area where the old powder and saltpeter mills already existed. It was privatized in 2001 and bought by Santa Barbara Sistemas (SBS). An arms company integrated into the American multinational group General Dynamics. In February 2009 SBS announced the production in this factory of an innovative armor system for different types of military vehicles, 3 which remain to this day.


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