Iznalloz – Granada

Iznalloz in Granada province is a small town and the main center of a region known as Los Montes Orientales. It comprises about 17 towns and villages spread over the north of the province of Granada.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Iznalloz
Plaza de la Constitucion,4-5 14910, Iznalloz (Granada)
Telephone: 958-384-051

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 10 min
Golf nearby Antequera 122km Malaga 149km Granada 40km Seville 273km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

There are prehistoric paintings and tools in the caves surrounding the village. The Iberian peoples are thought to have settled here. The village of Iznalloz in Granada sits on the banks of the River Cubillas and what was once on an important Roman road to Torraco (ancient Roman name for Tarragona) traversing via the south eastern coastline of the Iberian peninsula.

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The people of Iznalloz in Granada attribute their origins to the Romans and call themselves Acatuccitanos, after Acatucci, the Roman name for the village. Roman imperial soldiers built a garrison on the hill in what is now the old quarter of the village and constructed a bridge over the river which remains in use. The origin of the modern name, Iznalloz, has its roots in the Arabic “Hisn Allauz”which means ‘Castle of Almond trees’. Only the ruins of the castle remain, but it formed part of the front line of Muslim defense during the latter days of the conquest of Spain. The village fell into Christian hands in 1486, after which Iznalloz and its neighbouring villages aided in the siege of Granada. As payment for their services the people of Iznalloz in Granada were exempt from various taxes.

Following the Catholic conquest of Granada, Iznalloz became an important centre for commerce and agriculture.


  • Fiestas Patronales Virgen de los Remedios – This festivity is celebrated on the third week of August to honour the Patron Saint of the town, Virgen de los Remedios. Following the tradition, the Virgin leaves her hermitage to get to the Church. On the last day, there is another procession so the Virgen can return to her hermitage.
  • 15th May San Isidro Labrador – The Festivities of San Isidro Labrador is celebrated to honour San Isidro. It is a tradition to go on a pilgrimage, people from the town meet in the countryside to have lunch and enjoy the day together with family and friends.

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