Cogollos Vega – Granada

Cogollos Vega in Granada province is located at the feet of the Sierra de Cogollos. The town is is Located in the northern part of the province, about 14 km from the provincial capital, Granada. It borders the municipalities of Deifontes, Iznalloz, Huetor Santillan, Nivar, Güevejar, Calicasas and Albolote.

Local information

Ayuntamiento de Cogollos Vega
Plaza Llanete 1, 18211 Cogollos Vega (Granada)
Telephone: 958-409-161

Health Clinic Bars, shops, restaurants Schools Municipal pool Beach
1h 10 min
Golf nearby Malaga 139km Granada 15km Seville 256km Bus and train
Malaga airport
Granada airport
Seville airport


Main information

The Arab Baths in Cogollos Vega in Granada are in the old part of town. For centuries it served as housing and consisted of three buildings, linked by arches and vaults with octagonal skylights. The type of parallel chambers may belong to the times of Taifas. The Arab baths of Cogollos Vega have been catalogued as a historic artistic monument of cultural interest, assuming the first step for restoration by the Ministry of Culture.

The existence of these Arab baths went unnoticed, except for its inhabitants, until the late nineteenth century.

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Then the art historian and specialist in Spanish-Muslim Manuel Gomez Moreno made a plan on behalf of these baths until 1975 was exhibited at the Archaeological Museum. In November of that year he presented the plan to the local council. In 1987 the house (baths) was purchased by the City of Cogollos Vega consisting of the bath, 100 square meters, and a courtyard 79 meters for a price of 4,500,000 pesetas in 2003.

Later, in January 1991, the baths were declared a historic-artistic monument and in 1996 the County Council, undertook works of demolition of the walls and ceilings, original non-blinded holes, signs and paving partially crushed, plaster walls, and cleaning decks. The cost estimated by the Department of Culture for the restoration amounted to 211,000 Euros initially, and between other work includes undoing some of the work undertaken by the council without any archaeological rigour.

The Arab watchtower in Cogollos Vega in Granada is constructed of masonry with large boulders interspersed. Also known as “the Tower”, it is circular and cylindrical. There is a brick arch. Except the central slice, all else is of stone. A window would light over the single entry to the building and would be a channel of communication with the valley. In the north there is a window with the damaged edges and a hole in the bottom.

It served as a watchtower in Moorish times and was used during the Civil War. The tower is at 1,160 meters above sea level and has magnificent views over the Vega of Granada, Sierra Arana, the Cubillas and Sierra Elvira. It has been recently restored and has built a lookout.

The Penon de la Mata in Cogollos Vega in Granada is 1,669 m in height. In its slopes lie the archaeological remains of Neolithic settlements.

La Cueva del Agua is situated on the slopes of the peak Cabezo del Asno in Sierra Arana. Currently, access is via two forest roads, from Vega, and from “Sotillo” Iznalloz. The peculiar characteristics of the cavity, a chasm of more than 180 m deep, is almost in its natural state and has the development of pockets that stretch over 5 km. In addition, since 1991 there is an Advisory Committee for management involving the municipalities of Iznalloz, Deifontes and Cogollos Vega, along with the University of Granada.


  • Good Friday – a procession of five images: the Virgin of Sorrows, the Crucified Christ of Nazareth (also known as Christ of the Gypsies and the Roma of Him), the Virgin Girl (traditionally carried by the younger ones) and the Holy Sepulchre.
  • Palm Sunday, there is a procession with palms and olive branches.
  • 3th of May  – Cross Day, Organised at several intersections throughout the town. Typical, this day is called “oven”.
  • 13th of June San Antonio – Patron of the town. That week is organized as the Cultural Week with many events for both young and old. On the 13th San Antonio is brought out in procession through the main streets. [/su_spoiler]

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